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Expert vehicle diagnostics

Upton Manor Car Services Ltd provides engine diagnostics in Brixham, using the latest diagnostics software and machines.

Maximising the performance of your vehicle

Since 1996, computers have been used more and more frequently to control the systems in modern cars. For example, since 2003, most manufacturers replaced old-style accelerator cables with a variable switch. If your car has a fault or an inadequately fitted replacement, then this can adversely affect the performance of your car. Hence, we use the latest vehicle diagnostics software and machines, to help ensure you get the best performance out of your vehicle. We extend our services to Brixham and all the surrounding areas.
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Vehicle diagnostics service
Vehicle diagnostics centre

We always keep you informed, without using complicated technical jargon

At Upton Manor Car Services Ltd, we believe that unless you are a trained mechanic, it can be difficult to understand the jargon surrounding vehicle diagnostics. To ensure that you don't feel like you are being kept in the dark when you bring your vehicle in for car diagnostics, we avoid technical jargon and use simple language that you can understand.
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We use the latest machines and software to perform vehicle diagnostics

  • Bosch diagnostics software
  • Launch diagnostic machines and software
  • Span-on diagnostic machines and software
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